Team Tel4Rain

Project team consists of academics from Czech Technical University in Prague with expertize in hydrology, urban water management and modelling, radio engineers and IT specialists. We cooperate also with other research teams worldwide.

Vojtěch Bareš – project leader (CTU/Dept. of Hydrology)
Martin Fencl – hydrologist, models for CML rainfall retrieval and rainfall spatial reconstruction (CTU/Dept. of Hydrology)
Martin Mudroch – IT engineer, SNMP application, PostgreSQL database (CTU/Dept. of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation)
Pavel Platoš – IT engineer, UI developer, Leaflet and Java Script programming (CTU/Dept. of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation)
Pavel Pechač – radio engineer (CTU/Dept. of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation)
David Stránský – urban water specialist (CTU/Dept. of Sanitary Engineering)

Within the project we cooperate with stakeholders and end-users from Prague water management companies, Prague municipality and specialists from telecommunication company T-Mobile.